Accident Story - Repairing the Garage Door

Accident Story - Repairing the Garage Door

Garage door repairs are something that should be done by professionals to avoid any further damages.

We got a call a while ago about a car accident that impacted the inside of an automatic garage door

The customers were in distress, and we reassured them that yes, we could come in, look at it, and perform repair services right away in the same day of being called, and they would not have to pay a dime more than any other of our garage door repair services. We assured them that this is our job—to perform quickly and efficiently.

The accident involved the clients not waiting long enough before the door fully opened, and they backed out of the area too soon which made the door back up considerably enough to crash down onto the concrete ground, and go off track. A Garage door off track is something that cannot be fixed without the proper knowledge and tools. It caused them a lot of inconvenience. It became necessary to take care of it as soon as possible. The husband had to take the other car to make it to work, and the wife could not call the usual repair service because they were closed for the day. She called her friend, and the friend recommended our service.

The door was already slightly off track, so it was understandable that it broke and crashed easily from such an impact. Being a pro in garage repair, it was a piece of cake for us to fix it. We were able to quickly get it back on track and moving freely again with the push of a button. It was a quick and efficient job, and the clients were extremely pleased. “You did so well!” they praised.

We are confident that if you need an electronic, or even manual, garage door repaired quickly, you can count on us! Do not hesitate to call us for anything you need! We will be there right away when you need us, and you will not be disappointed with our work. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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