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How do I choose openers?

The main thing is to ensure that the garage door opener has the expected safety sensors but our experts in Hasbrouck Heights insist that you must also check the weight of the door to determine the motor's horsepower. Check with the space in the ceiling to decide where to install the opener. You might need wall mounted ones.

Is it wise to get glass doors?

It's definitely fine to get glass garage doors unless your neighborhood is in a really dangerous district. It'll be wise if you have nice views right in front of the garage. Remember that you can still hide your personal life behind milk glass panels because having strangers prying into your house is never safe.

What is the best R-value rating for garage doors?

R-value is the measure of thermal resistance used in buildings and the construction industry. This is the thermal resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value number, the better the insulating capabilities of the material. For instance, R-16 value door offers better insulation than an R-8 value door.

Are there precautions to observe when having automatic or remote controlled doors?

While electric garage door openers or automatic door systems provide great advantages, our experts say that there are important things to bear in mind when having them. First, the remote control should be properly secured to prevent anyone from trespassing into the garage. Also, the door opener should have a safety reverse feature.

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