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Measure well the garage

If it's time to order a new garage door, our experts in Hasbrouck Heights recommend measuring well the garage. That's extremely important if you have made construction work lately or want to get a new door type. It's good to measure the backside of the garage and its front space, the opening, and the space between the door-head and the ceiling.

Get the right size repair parts

All garage door parts come in different sizes and the right choice always depends on the door's weight. Springs must also be measured in accordance to the door's height, tracks are chosen depending on the garage system but also in correlation with the rollers. If the wrong size parts are chosen, you'll have to make adjustments.

Garage door tolerance advice

You actually need low tolerances for better garage door functionality. Normally, the hardware and cables are attached using a very high tension which may need to be adjusted during use. For automated structures, you do not have to worry too much because they have built-in support mechanisms. Check the tensions from time to time for durability.

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